Milk Paint


My favourite paint in all the world is Milk Paint, the most ancient of all paints.

Milk paint is the oldest paint that there is, think Pyramids, even cave paintings. It's an all natural product, with 5 basic ingredients. It comes in powder form as it has no preservatives, simply mix with water to get the most magical paint product.

Milk paint can achieve a finish like no other, a wonderful authentic distress that no other paint product can achieve. Furniture reacts individually to milk paint, ensuring each is a one off. Milk paint works with the existing furniture finish, in areas it will react, sometimes chipping, sometimes buttery soft and smooth. It never covers the history of a piece of furniture, more works with it and always results in the most beautiful, truthfully authentic finish.

Milk paint can be chosen for your commission, if this sounds like a finish that you would love.

I certainly love it.