Wherefore art thou, my Nutella…….

Well, my head is all over the flippin’ place today.

I jump from excited to confused to borderline hysterical then find myself eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon again to calm my scattered thoughts. I’m not actually sure that ‘thought calming’ is a side effect of Nutella consumption, but I’m going with it anyway.

There are MANY advantages to living in the head of a creative person. There are also some WHOPPING disadvantages.

A creative brain quite literally:

a. Never shuts up…

b. Wants to try everything, NOW, all at the same time….

c. Worries, quite a lot but I’m working on this…. what if, what if, but what if…..

d. Encourages ad-hoc Nutella consumption….. (OK, not actually this one, but as I said, I’m going with it)….

I’ve started making notes. I’m historically rubbish at note making and lists as I think that I can remember things. Since menopause has hit like a house brick, I struggle to remember why I walked into the room, stop half way through sentences often and if these things should co-incide with a hot flush, well, I’m done for. Finding the spray Dettol in the fridge, neatly placed next to the milk was a particular high point.

My notes pad looks like the unhinged ramblings of someone without a decent grip on reality but I’m hoping that if I tumble ideas out of my head onto paper, a bit of quiet space might take up residence there instead.

This is a really self indulgent post isn’t it lol??

But its MY blog, I did say at the beginning it was paint and people, I am a person….so it counts..

But how are you today? See I did remember to be polite. Granted, it WAS all about me for a while there, but my manners finally kicked in. I do hope you have had a good day? Is it half term where you are this week? It is here, so happily I’m surrounded by the gentle sounds of the PS4 and entertaining (??) YouTube video’s blaring at ear drum shattering levels…. family quality time at its finest my friends, at its finest. 

Anyway, enough moaning, I am blessed and I know it. So I’ll shush and go put the kettle on, I shall avoid the food cupboard where the demon Nutella is hiding, ignore the call of the cutlery drawer and not put anything that does not need refrigerating, in the fridge.

Have a happy Tuesday evening.

Speak soon.

(Unless I forget I even HAVE a blog)…..

#Damn you, menopause brain.

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