The Wanderer Has Returned :)

Hi all,

 Just popping by to say hello, no… I’ve not fallen down a big hole, taken a vow of silence or run away to live on a desert island, I’m still here and I’ll be popping up far more often from now on.

Life has been a bit frantic for a while, things overtook me a little and I let the blog slide. Lots has been happening, I kept thinking “Ooooo, I’ll write a post about that”…. then as soon as I sank onto the sofa at the end of the day, I’d quite literally pass out in a shattered heap, then another day would begin, well, you get the idea.

But never mind all that, I just really wanted to check in with you and say Hi  So HI !!, I’m back and painting, can’t wait to get posting !!

Have a rather lovely Tuesday.

Have a pretty bunch of flowers on me…well, the ones in the pic obviously, please don’t send me invoices from Interflora lol.




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