Pay It Forward


Last week I lost my purse. Dashing here there and everywhere, I didn’t miss it until the next day, when my eldest wanted money for his school lunch…

Sheer panic ensued – so cutting a very frantic and long story short, a week on it still hadn’t turned up and I’d really given up on it.

I loved this purse. It was a little coin one, made of green velvet and was spotty with a silver old fashioned clasp, like my Nan used to have. I’d only bought it a few months ago in Liverpool. We had gone into the Cath Kidston shop to buy PJ’s for my sons girlfriend and got chatting to one of the assistants, as you do. A little while later, I was queuing to pay for the PJ’s, by then I’d also spotted the lovely velvet purse so was buying that too. That same assistant happened to walk by just as it was my turn and  stopped to ask the cashier to give me 10% discount, just for being lovely when we were chatting earlier. I was thrilled, not only because of the discount, but because of her kindness, she didn’t have to do that, but she did.

So, I loved my purse that little bit more.

Fast forward to today.

Coming out of a shop this morning, I went to take the trolley back and there on the floor was a brand new ten pound note.

I picked it up and took it back into the shop, the cashier was very thankful and said hopefully, someone will realise and come back for it. It got me thinking about my purse, so I thought I’d give the sports shop where I used it last one last call, right there and then.

And my little purse had only been handed in !!!

I was over the flipping moon !!! When I collected it, I almost kissed the 15 year old manager (well, he looked 15 to me) but as I advanced the sheer terror in his eyes stopped me lol.

The money was still in there, everything was still in there.

I left the store weirdly (as a friend later called me) kissing that little velvet purse and hugging it, feeling like I’d just won the lottery.

So, moral of the story? Be kind and kindness will find its way back to you.

I can’t thank the person who handed my little purse in enough, nor the lovely (if not extremely young) staff of JD Sports in Wednesbury enough for keeping it safe for an entire week for me.

And I hope that the £10 note that I found this morning will find its way back to whoever may have dropped it and that it makes them feel as happy as I feel, to know that someone cared enough to do the kind thing.

Happy Tuesday.

Really, really HAPPY Tuesday.


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