Knotted thread in my head

Hi !!!

Well how the heck are we all this afternoon?

Warning – I’m about to empty my brain into this post, so gird your loins people….

I have conundrums. No one panic, I mean work wise.

Its time to get organised. I need a proper grown up website, where I can sell paint, furniture etc online.

I feel like I have a big ball of knotted threads in my head, all tightly wound and criss crossing and ultimately tripping each other up rushing to the front for attention. So many paths I want to fly down.

It feels like a mountain to climb…I have umm, somewhat limited (aka. none) computer savviness….I need to understand so much !!! Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, SEO’s, marketing, hashtags, algorithms, theres so much I don’t know so this list must be woefully short.

I know what I love and what I like. I love people. I love writing. I love painting and creating. I love selling the paint that I’m passionate about. One day maybe I’ll have my own. Now that right there is a dream alright


I want to take beautiful photographs of my furniture. I want to stop people in their scroll. I want a big community of like minded lovely people, I want my TRIBE !!

I know you are there, I really do. But I want to talk to you, I want a place for us to natter, to talk paint and kids and quite possibly swap cake and definitely gin recipes. We need to talk projects, techniques, I want to do tutorials and have friendships and offer support and encouragement. I want to teach, but does anyone out there want to learn from me…. so many ifs, whys and maybe’s….

See – conundrums.

But I’m working on it.

Speak REALLY soon.

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