So many things to share !!

Well hi there, welcome to the new home for my blog.

Things aren't half changing in my world right now, starting with my lovely new website which you found, if you're reading the post !! My branding has changed,  my business address will be too, in the Summer.

You can still find me at Curborough Countryside Centre, just in a slightly different space, right opposite where you are used to seeing me at Phoenix Interiors.

My new space will be full of paint, furniture, people (I hope) !! I'm dreaming of a little coffee station, a big permanent workshop table, a whole wall dedicated to workshop plans, a sunny photography staging wall.....I quite literally can't sleep at the moment.

I'll share pics of the new space as soon as I have the keys, its going to need some work, but we will get there. 

Anyone fancy a DIY and painting party?

That's not a joke, by the way lol ;)


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