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This year so far has been a steep learning curve for me. Last year was too, in an emotional way, this year its all about business.

I’m learning so much, enrolling for courses, workshops, learning all about book keeping, invoicing. I’m learning about growth and progression, teaching, mentoring. Thats a long list already.

Wow, that all sounded grown up.

Not all ALL like me…. 

But its been a year of change in my business, I’ve become a retailer for Fusion Mineral Paint, to sit alongside the Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint range that I love so much. Wow do people LOVE Fusion !!!! My feet haven’t touched the ground with it and I’m thoroughly enjoying testing out its capabilities and the results have been amazing. Is there nothing that this paint cannot do?

I’m also the UK West Midlands Educator for both paint brands, a role that I love and am thrilled to be able to do.

One thing I know. I like people. I like sharing. I like to share what I know and so far, people seem to want to know what I know….if you know what I mean…

I am scheduling a whole host of workshops, starting in September, that list will be published soon. I’ll also be doing online workshops and tutorials and I cannot tell you how excited I am about those. If you would like to get on my VIP email list, just complete the contact form below and I’ll get you on there. You will be the first to know all about upcoming events, discount codes, workshops and giveaways too.

I’m also looking to develop my website. I’m aware of how woefully inadequate this one is and have already had a meeting with an amazing (and lovely) web designer, to help me out.

I am a creative, my brain is frazzled when I attempt ‘techy stuff’, I mean it took me THREE months to works out how to get a Pinterest button onto my site. Thats embarrassing apparently, because its incredibly easy to do. Not for meeeeee lol.

Then there’s Christmas…… its coming up and the planning is already underway. Wait until you see the seasonal workshops we have planned….

Righto, in a nutshell, thats it folks.

I’m away to get the tea on, two hungry teenage boys and a builder wait for no one.


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