Family Time....

DATE: January 9, 2018

Hi, I know – I’m a bit rubbish at this bloggy thing, well, with the regularity of it anyway.

I just popped on to update (finally) and realised that I DID write a post….in August last year, but, *cough*, I didn’t actually hit the publish button.

I know, I’m a twit.

So here it is – FIVE whole months after the event, but reading it bought it all back to me like it happened yesterday. So much so, I needed a little lie down… 


So, here goes.

Whats happened since we last spoke then……


We went away –  a fortnight away was just what we needed…..or you think this, don’t you, before you go. Time with each other, you think. Time with the kids, you think.


Day one – kids rowed.

Subsequent 11 days – Kids rowed, sometimes physical scuffles were involved.

Day 12  WE rowed. Because the kids had rowed so much we were on a knife edge. The other halves knife edge snapped in a crowded seafront restaurant, where he appeared to innocent onlookers to be some kind of manic, deranged child catcher, loudly comedy whispering threatening obscenities at our obviously by now, quiet teenagers.

I then did ‘the thing’.

The thing where I try to cool the situation down. Or so I thought…

Where, unknown to me, I’m being unsupportive. That thing.

I need my mouth sewing shut.

“Shhhhh, people are looking”……… “Lets all calm down”……..

Bad move.

Really. Bad. Move.

Slowly, he turned to me, venom flying out of his eyes. (I’m sure there was venom, well, OK, not ACTUAL venom, but as near as…)

So now WE were rowing.

Kids still quiet. Swines.

No-one talking to each other..

The bill requested, money thrown in mayonnaise – (no joke). It was an accident, but everyone too angry to rescue it.

Silent, frosty drive home.


You get the picture.

Sulking lasted a day or two (and that was just the adults)….well, ONE of the adults, anyway….*cough* not THIS adult. …, then the sun melted the frost in the air and normal family life was resumed.

Just in time to go home………


I think not.

Ahhh, family time, eh.

Cor beat it.


Featured image: A scene from performance at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv. Credit: Gerard Allon

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