And Then They Were Men

Today I looked at my kids and realised that I now have a couple of ‘almost-men’ on my hands.

Its a scary thought.

I mean, I only feel about 25, how the heck can that have happened?

(Clearly, I’m NOT 25, add 20’ish years and you’ll be thereabouts.)

One minute they were dancing round the kitchen table singing into wooden spoons *in their pants, the next they have facial hair, ‘private’ lives (OMG) and nip down the pub with Dad after work for a Friday beer.

Goes waaaaaaaaaaay too fast for my liking I reckon.

They don’t need you any less though, as I have also discovered. The food intake doubles, the funding requirements increase as the ‘Moooooooom, I’m goin’ Nandos’ phase arrives, of course Mom-taxis are required literally EVERYWHERE and they have BIG BLINKIN’ BOOMING VOICES thrown in !!

(I type that as my eldest is hollering ‘MOOOOOOOOOOOM’ from his room and I am studiously ignoring him. He is now ringing me from his room and I have declined his call. He wants my debit card number and he just aint having it, no Sireeeee. No crash Bandicoot download in this house tonight, thank you very much lol.)

Small feeling of triumph experienced here. 

In the world of Jackie, as opposed to MOOOOOOOOM, there are lots of things happening work wise, which I have to tell you all about soon.

However, now its teatime and I have to chain myself to the cooker.

Its also really hot here in the UK, so I feel a icy cold gin will be accompanying me on my long journey into the kitchen. 

But first I have to head off upstairs……


You did guess right….

With my debit card.

“Cooooooming Son”……

#softtouch I KNOW !!!!!


ps. On occasion, they do both still dance round the kitchen table in their pants.

Sorry, BOXERS. Pants not cool.




*pps – After reading this post, a friend has queried why my children had wooden spoons in their pants. To clear this point up, they were wearing the pants, the spoons were in their little chubby mitts. 

Well spotted, Polly Purple  xx


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